We’re of the leading cybersecurity solution providers in Vietnam. VNPT Cyber Immunity dedicated to preventing cyber attacks, incident response & vulnerabilities research with the top cyber experts. Discover More

VNPT Cyber Immunity


Experienced cybersecurity experts dedicated to preventing cyberattacks, incident response and & vulnerabilities research.

High performance

Certified to meet technical standards and won major awards for cybersecurity solutions.


Committed to absolute confidentiality of client information.


In close partnership with many major security firms in the world. Sharing the South East Asia threat intelligence with the top cybersecurity companies.


VNPT Cyber Immunity is one of the leading cybersecurity solution and service provides in Vietnam developing a full immune system to protect organizations and business from cyberattacks.

VNPT Managed Security Service

VNPT Managed Security Service includes: 1. Security Monitoring; 2. Incident Response; 3. Digital Forensic; 4. Threats Hunting.

Information Security Assessment Service

An overall assessment of aspects from network infrastructure, applications, people to operational processes to point out system weaknesses.

Information Security Training Service

Includes: Information Security Awareness Training for Ordinary Users; Information Security Expert Training and Information Security Rehearsal Organization.

Information Security Consulting Services

Propose an overall information security architecture model and development orientation to ensure information security for organizations and businesses.

VNPT DNS Protection Solutions

The solution detects and filters/blocks requests to the domains of malicious servers, ensuring the safety of users while using the Internet.


Protects workstation against malicious code; Supports investigating and timely rescuing malicious code incidents; Monitors compliance with the security policies of organizations.



Telecommunications and IT network covers all 63 provinces and cities throughout Vietnam and supports from International partners


Southeast Asia’s largest cybersecurity monitoring system which handles at least 100k EPS simultaneously and is expanding to 200k EPS, the core technology has been transferred from the leading worldwide partners


A team  of  over 200 engineers and cybersecurity experts support 24/7/365

VNPT Cyber Immunity has reached many achievements in researching and developing cybersecurity solutions.

Vietnamese Talents

VNPT Smart IR solutions won in the contest “Vietnam Land Talent 2019”  in the Category of Creative Startup IT Applications

The Golden Key

VNPT DNS protection solution was voted “Excellent new ATTT product” at the program “Golden key 2019”

National certification

The first unit in Vietnam to be certified to meets the technical standards of Directive 14/CT-TTg

International achievements

Find out many 0-day vulnerabilities on popular platforms such as java, embedded devices with severe impact


We’re providing cybersecurity solutions and services for Vietnamese government and many businesses.

Vietnamese Government
Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security
Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications
Vietnamese Ministry of health
Vietnamese Department of Information Security
Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences
PVcom Bank
MB Bank
CB Bank
Vietnam Airlines
Gapit Communications
An Phat Holdings


VNPT Cyber Immunity are in good partnership with technology organizations and participating in large worldwide cybersecurity communities to enhance services performance.