Immune System Information Security

We provide an ATTT immune system consisting of the best services and solutions with the desire to ensure safety in all aspects from technology infrastructure, people to policies and operating processes for customers


Information security monitoring

Collect security events log information from customer terminals, centrally store data, and analyze correlations between events to address security issues facing the system.

Infromation security assessment

An overall assessment of aspects from network infrastructure, applications, people to operational processes to point out system weaknesses. Includes service: Testing user computers, network systems, servers, application; Review of policies and compliance with ATTT; ATTT Cognitive Assessment

Information security training

Provide students with knowledge of situations that may cause ATTT loss; training skills to ensure ATTT and coordination skills in handling ATTT incidents for the dedicated ATBM team, Includes services: ATTT Awareness Training for Regular Users, OSH Expert Training and ATTT Rehearsal Organization

Consulting Service,
Infromation security design

Provide an overall information security architecture model across all aspects including proposed personnel organization model, standardization of policy process system, addition of security mechanisms and orientation for information security development.


VNPT DNS Protection solutions

VNPT DNS Protection malicious connection control solution provides the ability to detect and fillter/block requests to the domain names of maliclous, undesirable servers, ensuring the safety of users while using the internet. The solution is built on the basis of AI,machine learning, Big Data of VNPT, combined with a blacklist of domains released and updated by the most prestigious security organizations in the world.


Can be deployed flexibly on any hardware system and platform scale, at low cost.


Deploy quickly, easily upgrade, expand and maintain.


Updated list of malicious domains 24/7 from VNPT Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform.


Effective use in detection, preventing the majority of dangerous and undesirable attacks.

VNPT SmartIR Solutions

VNPT Smart IR end-point incident detection and response solution is a comprehensive solution that enables to protect workstations against viruses, malware, query support, investigate causes and respond promptly when there is a problem with malicious code, monitor the installation of unauthorized software and monitor compliance with security policies of organizations Business.

Early detection,
timely rescue of incidents

Statistics, monitoring the install all kinds of software on demand

Assisting with investigations, remote removal of malware

Monitoring compliance with policy information security

Protection against all kinds malicious code, phishing, spam, and more